Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kindle Countdown Deal for $0.99

Hi, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :)

Just a quick shout to let you know that there's a fab deal on SIU Book 1, for a limited time on Amazon.. details and link below...

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fantasy and SciFi...

Good Saturday morning! I hope you're all enjoying the weekend :)  Today, it's not raining in my neck of the woods so I'm grateful to see that, lol, and hopefully, the sun will be out for a bit, crossing fingers ;)

Before I get started, I should warn you, not enough coffee in me yet, so not really sure the direction the post will turn out in the end, sorry in advance, lol ;)

Fantasy and SciFi.. both genres are really a creators heaven, so to speak. You really have almost total freedom when creating your worlds and characters and whatnot; I think it's fab! That said, I've only written one in the category so don't have much to base things on. But I will say this, writing the book was a blast. Anyway, back to the topic for today..

When working on your characters and world building there are so many different ways you can go about doing so. Take the Twilight Saga for an example: sure, they're vamps living among humans, but they're not like the ordinary blend of what we are use to when thinking of vampires. For one, if they go out in the sun it doesn't kill them, for another, they do not typically take part of drinking blood of humans. And another, they sparkle.. and that, is the most important part I'm trying to stress here. Your characters and their world can blend between their world and Earth, but make them stand out, different from the norm, make them unforgettable. Give them something, that wow factor that will make a reader think, omg, I so didn't see coming and how cool was that, type of deal.

Take a witch for instance.. there are good witches and bad witches, and witches who don't want to be a witch. If this is your target market, you've read countless books to get the feel of things so you know what I mean. But how about making a witch that is new, can't control her spells yet, and it can happen any time, day or night. So, you're thinking, yeah, that's nothing new.. you're right. I've read many books that have at least one of the points listed.. but how about making the heroine cast a spell in a shopping center, while having coffee with a potential business client, and have the Iris and pupil of her eyes split down the middle and one half move to the left side of her eye, and the other, to the right.. so that all of the white color is in the middle.. and have that part glow from bright white to neon, and so on.. now that's a little different. A small detail, yes, but it's enough to make it stand out just a bit, making her a little unique.

SciFi.. there are so many great books out there in the genre, not to mention movies. My fav at the moment is Guardians of the Galaxy. Yeah, I realize it's based on a comic, but think about the movie for a minute.. or Star Trek or Star Wars, if you haven't seen Guardians.. Think about all the 'little unique' moments in the characters and their world. You see, the important thing is that it's not just another space story, it's the part where you place your characters in 'their' world, and make them stand out, make them not so like the 'norm'. Create a story that is just about them, their homes, their lives, their purpose.. and then layer, up the ante, make them stand out like only you can.

The downside to world building, is knowing when enough is enough. It can be a stickler when creating worlds, because you have to add details, to know when you're bogging the story down. The only advice, and it's just my opinion.. layer in details about them and the world you're creating. Keep the action moving forward, slow it down when needed using a smidgen of details or whatnot, then move the pace forward/faster again with things happening in your story.

Hope this helps :)  Happy Writing!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy Holiday and SIU update..

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday!

SIU A LOT A LOT Book 1 is up on Amazon, in both print and Kindle formats. The link is below...

Next week, I'll start blogging about more tidbits and time periods :)

Amazon link..

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Monday, May 22, 2017

SIU is ready!

Good Monday morning!

SIU A LOT A LOT BOOK 1 is ready, below is the link for one site where it's available.. I'll post when Amazon is all set up and ready to go. Thank you for being so patient while I ironed out all the kinks :)

SIU (Sensing It Up) A LOT A LOT (A Little Of This, A Little Of That)

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Book Event..

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Blurbs and log lines..

Good morning, I hope your weekend is going well!

Okay, so you're down to the final stretches and you're gearing up to send your book out the door and in the hands of an editor/publisher. You've double-checked all on your list and things look great! The only thing left is your blurb. Let's say, you are not published yet and you're thinking, do I really need to write a blurb and send it out with this submission? Probably. But why?

Writing blurbs and log lines are really great practice, for a few reasons...

First, you'll learn how to hit on the most important details/hooks of your book. This will come in handy when you're sitting at a table with an agent and she asks about your book. Or, you're in a pitch meeting with an editor and she wants to know about your book 'before' she has even seen any of your work.

Blurbs can be sticklers at times to write, but they really do help with nailing down the 'grabbing' parts of your story. If you've never written a blurb, the easiest way, I think, to get the hang of writing them is by using your synopsis. Now, I realize your synopsis is long, but we're gonna start there. So, go through it and take the most important parts and jot those down. You may end up with a few paragraphs or more at first, that's ok. From those paragraphs, dwindle it down even more, just like you did... until you have one or two paragraphs.

Now, we're tightening up the main points/hooks of your story! Then, you'll narrow it down to one paragraph. If you're having a little trouble at first getting the hang of writing a blurb, just pick up a few of your favorite books and turn them over to the back cover.. read the teasers/blurbs. That's the goal we're trying to get to..

Second, once you've sold, more than likely you'll need to write a cover blurb and send it to your agent/editor/publisher.

And last, practicing this will help you nail down a log line..which is really a one-liner hook. As if writing a synopsis, cover, and blurbs aren't hard enough, now you need a one-liner?! lol ;) Sometimes, yes! They come in handy when you're doing promotion, or you literally have less than one minute to tell someone about your book. Practicing these now may come in handy if there is ever a time when you're in any of these situations :)

If this is a first time writing them it may be easier to break them down and write them in chunks. Start with your synopsis and then put it aside for a day or two. Then, go back to it and lean it down to a few paragraphs, and set it aside for a bit and so on.. until you end up with a one-liner!

Tip: If you're having a little trouble using your synopsis, try writing blurbs and log lines by using your cover letter with the steps mentioned above.. if you do though, because a cover letter holds more than 'just about the book info' make sure when you're practicing, you only use the parts that are of the book.

Hope this helps :)  Happy Writing!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pop Up Contest..

Hi, I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! :)

I've been thinking, I know I know, not a good thing some days, lol ;) Anyway, the majority of the blog topics have been on things to work on when writing/editing or researching stuff and thought.. I've heard that writing should be fun, you should write from the heart and just have a blast.. but with 'keep your eye out for this, and this, and oh, here are five more things to add to the list'.. after a while, things can kinda go flat for a spell. I think it's time for a breather and a bit of fun. I hope you agree :)

So, on to the contest.. I know I've covered show vs tell in a couple of posts and since then, a lot more emails regarding this topic have come in. And, well, I thought, that's a great contest idea.

Onto, the details. There will be 1 (one) winner, chosen randomly, at the close of the contest.  The Show vs Tell Chapter Contest will close on April 30, 2017.  The winner notification email will be sent by May 5, 2017. The winner will have 10 (ten) days to reply to the notification. If winner fails to respond to the notice within the time frame, after the reply time period ends, an alternate winner will be chosen. You must be at least 18 years of age and/or of legal age, and you are not restricted by any law etc., by entering the contest. If you are chosen as the winner, the chapter you send in must belong 100% to you, as in, it's your creation, you wrote it.. and by entering you agree you own the work and you are not infringing on any person and/or copyright. If you're selected as the winner, you agree to send 1 (one) chapter (8,000 word count limit) via email only, to the email address that will be provided within the Contest Winner Notification Email.

The prize will not be substituted, exchanged, or any other here there and yonder of any which way, type, form, etc., aka: the prize is the prize offered below, period.

The prize: marking a chapter where there are spots of show vs tell.

How to enter: send an email to ( with (Show vs Tell Chapter Contest) in the subject line. In the body of the email, please list your name and the genre of your story.

Easy, right?!

Good luck! 

And Happy Writing!